Best 42" plasma for under £1000?


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I'm looking for a 42" Plasma TV for under £1000.
I'll be using it mainly for sky TV (some HD) and fairly frequent use with the sony PS2

I've noticed that the Panasonic PZ70 seems popular but I'm concerned about the issue of screen burn that has been discussed on this forum.

Is this a problem with this particular set?

Are there other Plasmas that are of comparable quality without any screen burn issues?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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The PZ70 does not suffer from screen burn problems (well without being ridiculous). It can exhibit a tiny amount of image retention when a high contrast static object has been on the screen for a long time and the image then goes to black but this is very quickly cleansed by the next moving scene. I can't think of a better plasma for ~£1000.


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You probably read my posts on the PZ70 and image retention. Dont let my problem put you off of a fantastic set, best Ive ever owned. The large majority of owners are extremely pleased with their new set, seems I personally just have a faulty one I would assume. My friend bought the same set after seeing mine and his has all the good points and doesnt share the one problem I have.

Get a PZ70, immense value for money :smashin:


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Thanks for the replies everyone.

The only thing that made me stop and think was that a friend of mine mentioned a Samsung TV with an 'Anti-burn' feature. This implied that there was still a problem with 'burn in' on some TVs but this particular Samsung set had the problem solved with this feature.

Maybe that's just marketing spin!

Anyway, I think there are too many recommendations for the PZ70 for me to ignore now. :)

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