best 42" 1080p lcd for under £1000!!!


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hi guys and gals, i`m looking for a new lcd tv i want something that`s 42" 1080p with as many inputs as possable.

i`ve currantly got a toshiba 32wl66p and i`ve been very happy with it but with 1080p tv`s coming down in price and my kids needing a tv for there wii and 360 it`s time for me to get a new one :thumbsup:

i`ve been looking at the toshiba 42XV505DB as a replacement but i`m open to anything better for the price :) .

i will be useing the tv for watching tv (bet you never guessed that :clown:) playing 360 games and watching hd-dvd (yes i know it`s dead but it`s cheap and i only bought the drive at xmas :suicide:) and watching movie`s and game`s from my pc (i`m useing a 8800gt in sli if it helps)

before i go i`ve got £1000 for the tv but would love to have some left over to put towards sky hd, i`ve seen the toshiba 42xv505db for about £790 inc delivery at empire direct but as i say i`m not set on it just useing it as a guide

also at some point in the future i will be getting a ps3 so 3 hdmi is a must as the hdmi hubs are a rip-off :)

anyway thanks in advance peeps and i look forward to your replys.


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I've been doing a lot of research over the past week or so and if you don't mind dropping a couple of inches I would get the new Samsung 6 series link.

Also, why bother with SkyHD - FreeSat launches this week :clap:


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thanks for your input m8 but i was really looking for something a little bigger, look`s like an awesome tv though, shame it`s not a 42" for under a grand with the same spec :)


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just checked out freesat and looks ok if you don`t have anything else or can`t get freeview but i have sky already and just want stuff in hd :)

has anyone else got any recomendations for tv`s, i`m looking to bye in the next 2-3 weeks and really want to get the best tv i can for the money :D

also a little off topic (but it`s my thread so it`s ok i think :D) my current tv (lcd) has something i used to think was a plasma screen, i get really bad burn in type problems??? is this normal ?:confused:, it happerens when watching things like sky sports news with the static bars top, side and bottom and when playing pc games on my tv and leaving the game on pause.

anyway thanks guys and hopefully you can give me an hand with the above.


Why so much a 42"?It is not a big downsize a 40".Apart from the 40A656 there is also the new Sony KDL-40W4000 coming,if you still want a 42" then get the Toshiba 42xv

jason g

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a mate of mine was looking at this tv, does anyone know what its like?$PRICECUT/1/Trail/zone%3DpriceCutsZone.Price+Cuts.htm#producttabs

suggested other tvs at this price welcome.



Not a very good model this hitachi.Are you looking at the


Looks a very good model but not tested yet.

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