Best 40 incher under £500 Samsung, Sony or Panasonic

Best 40 incher under £500

  • Samsung UE40KU6400

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  • Panasonic TX-40DX600B

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New to forum. So new that I only just threw out the cathode ray set and Im looking for the best 40 inch TV under £500 to replace it and rediscover TV and film. Its for a living room, where we'd sit maybe 2 meters form screen. Was looking at these three options.

Samsung UE40KU6400 v. Panasonic TX-40DX600B v. SONY BRAVIA KDL40WD653

Wasn't sure whether I really needed 4K, but is there any disadvantage in having 4K (not any better unless you up close or watching on a bigger screen, Id heard).... but I can see it might be more future proof.

Someone told me that Samsung colours bit more full on and saturated; the panasonic more natural. But can that be adjusted for?

Want best smart TV package with best picture.... will use Youtube, Amazon, Netflix, channels catch up services etc.

Or if you think I am missing a better option - please shout!

Any guidance massively appreciated.


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