Best 37" for <£1500?


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Hi, first post here :)

I'm on the lookout for a 37" LCD TV. Of the ones that I've seen, the Samsung LE37R41B looks to be the best buy?

However, I've only seen 2 sites stock this - I'm wondering is it newly out, or just lack of demand for it?

Secondly, is there any better for the cash?

And finally - is £1200 about the right price for this, or is it high/low?

Many thanks :thumbsup:

Dan Gleebitz

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I think the best LCD in this price range is Sharp 37GA6 for around 1300 quid. Saw this model and the rest of the Sharp range at the What Hi Fi Show on Sunday and I thought the Sharp LCD's wiped the floor with the others on show.


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Im in the same situation as you Scottland

Im looking for a 37" LCD with a budget of £1,500-700

I've considered the Samsung LE37R41B but the lack of reviews concerns me.Also,i cant find this version anywhere on the samsung website.However,when i phoned web electricals, they told me it had just been released!?

If anyone has the Samsung LE37R41B, i would love to hear you opinions on this set...


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My shortlist would be the sharp the toshiba and the Samsung.

Could you try to get a friendly retailer to let you test all three?


phototaker said:
The Sharp 37GA6 does not appear to have an HDMI or DVI socket. Does that meaan its not HD ready ?
It has HDMI. just sucks. It's almos tlike they don't want people to buy their TVs

Amazon does a better job.


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must admit their styling is a bit crud too! their lcds remind me of pull down blinds/projector screen lol
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