Best 360 pre-order deal...


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Saw advertised in the Sun today, Argos pre-ordering 360's for £297 with a free copy of PDZ and King Kong.

Not bad deal even if only thinking of PDZ.

Anyone know if there are any better out there? (forgetting that you probably wont get it on day one....)



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:eek: Did I see that right, £297 with two games! That's an awesome deal but I'm not risking my high place in my local Dixons for it. Still, if you haven't preordered its a helluva deal, I don't even understand why they feel the need to make these bundles, they could sell out without them.


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richard plumb said:
well on their website its £279 for the core pack with PDZ and king kong. £349 for the full pack with the same games.
Oh well, its not exactly such a great deal afterall then. Please don't refer to the Core system as the "Xbox 360" as it gets many people confused, I wouldn't even consider buying a core.

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