Best 32" tv please


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Hi guys, i'm in the market for a decent 32" tv for SD viewing and PS3 gaming + blu-ray movies.

I have just bought a 24" hazro monitor for just over £400 and it has problems so am sending it back and am thinking of spending the money on a 32" tv instead :)

I can go a bit higher on price but something around there would be great.

What's catching my eye at the moment is the Samsung series 4:"%20HD%20Ready%20Freeview%20LCD%20TV


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the Sony KDL-32V4000 is the best tv at this price


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Thanks, i've seen you post a lot here and know your stuff so i'm going to take your word for it :)

Would blu-rays look good on such a low resolution? Also is there a tv that is quite a bit better for a bit more money? I could go bigger than 32" but don't think I will find one in the price range


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blu ray will look excellent.As for anything better you have to pay much more to find sth better


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I'd argue that nobody else can really say what's best for you as, they won't be sitting there watching your panel, in your viewing environment etc...
You'll also notice, once you spend any amount of time on here that, people tend to be biased towards a specific choice.

With that in mind, I'd advise that you make a short list of the ones that have the features you like, within your price range and then go and audition them. Preferably with some of your own kit.
That way you can see the TV's in the flesh and have a play with the controls to get a picture and sound set up that you like. :smashin:



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Dont buy anything till you try it out in the shop- have a good fiddle with the remote and check out Freeview and DVD. Make sure you like the remote too, and if you aren't using a sound system, make sure the sound is acceptable. Also have a look at the EPG, if you are going to rely on it. Its not all about the best piccy!

Ive found lots of the sets have rubbish sound, slow/unresponsive remotes, EPGs that show only 3 or 4 lines of prog info.

Jan Pogonowski

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To be honest with you I can't stand the fact of using a 1366x768 display with Blue-Ray playback because the Blue-Ray picture will be downscaled from the 1920x1080 (1080p) resolution to the 1366x768 resolution and that's not making the most of that formats potential. :lesson:

If you can have nothing bigger than a 32" though I'd say the SONY V4000 is a great model to go for. :thumbsup:


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Best 32" at around £400 is the LG 32PG6000.... :thumbsup:

HD ready
USB card input
swivel stand
and good blacks

downsides are some sets have retention issues.
But it is much better than lxd85 and the w4000 IMO.


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Philips PFL9603 for me. It may not have as good blacks as Sony, but you get much better motion handling and SD performance. To be honest, it is pricey at £830 with a 5 year warranty, but is worth it for the SD and motion. I will be getting one for my bedroom. All the other Philips over 32" are really pricey, so I have to settle for a Sony 46w4500 for downstairs lol.

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