Best 32" LCD TV for around £500


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Hi all !

I'm just about to upgrade from my 20 year old Sony CRT & need a bit of advice concerning the options i have in this price range.

from what i've read so far the stand out model seems to be the Samsung LE32R88BDX (S)

are there any other models worth considering ?

thanks in advance :smashin:


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Ambisonik - if your budget will stretch to closer to £600, then the Panasonic LXD70 has one of the best all-round (all sources) picture quality and processing on the market* (for any budget). It is very firmly in the league of the Philips 32PFL9632 and the Sony Bravia 32D3000 and it's "bigger" brother the LXD700.

*The only difference between the LXD70 and LXD700 is that the LXD700 has better sound, an extra HDMI and a SD card reader and the Panasonic LXD700 just one the What Hi October 2007 group test against pretty much all the top screens. The picture processing and screen on these two models is identical.

In the £500-£600 bracket, I'd personally choose the LXD70 because of the 100Hz (motion reduction) - I play a fair bit of console games and watch a lot of sport.

Although the Sony 32D3000 is probably the best on the market for HD DVD sources (movie watching), but it struggles with some scaling issues (low res sources) and shows a fair amount of pixelation when watching sport (again mostly reviewed on non-HD sources).

The Panasonic and the Philips are probably the best two for all-round ability - you just pay a lot more for a few gimmicks on the Philips - I have been VERY happy with my Philips, but I'm not sure if the Ambilight and a few minor features are worth the extra £150!

If you are set on the Samsung, then make sure you watch it on a few relevant sources (if you're only watching Freeview, test it on freeview. If you're gonna watch lots of SD sport, then watch a bit of that on the demo model).

My only gripe about the Samsung's is their penchant for piano-black styling... and massively over-saturated colours which are sometimes difficult to correct. But most people who own them do seem very happy.


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the LMD70 is a prety capable screen, if you're watching sport or playing any sort of games, then it's worth the extra cash for the LXD70

do NOT be tempted into thinking the LXD7 is in any way related to the LXD70 or LXD700!! it's not!


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Thanks Lostbok,some extremely useful info there !

i hate to throw a spanner in the works but i've heard Samsung are about to release the new F8 range of LCD's with pretty awesome specs,does anyone know is & when the 32" version will be available ?..also what's the target price likely to be ? - thanks in advance !


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sorry mate - not ignoring ya, just not clued up on latest Samsungs, so keeping schtum...


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Lol no probs,here's some info direct from Samsung -

seems the 32" screens are called the LE32M86BDX if bought from Dixons/Pixmania/Currys,the cheapest of the bunch being Dixons @ £580 delivered.

everywhere else known as the LE32M87BDX,Sound & Vision being the cheapest @ £544 delivered.

correct me if i'm wrong !

Correct. The 32" M86/M87 is 100hz hence why it's a little more expensive than the R87/R88 series.

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