best 32" lcd screen


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can somebody please giveme some quick answers. i did do a lot of research a couple of months ago when i was going to buy one, but then decided to wait a few more months.

if somebody could give me the top 3 32inchers and then i can research and decide for myself.

i will be using it for the xbox 360, watching dvds and standard freeview.

thank u in advance


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Sorry, can't give the top 3, but I can vouch for the Sony KDL-S32A12U. I've got one of these, and I think it's superb. Good picture, decent inputs etc. Running the usual through it; Sky+, DVD, Xbox 360 etc.

Costco have some left, priced at about £860 (inclusive of VAT).


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I have just purchased the Sony KDL-32V2000 and its great. 360 looks out of this world. SD TV is also good.

Get a Price Match at John Lewis and you can pick it up for 1097.99 and 5 year warranty


My Tosh 32wlt66 has served me well with the things you intend to use. I can only reccomend you doing what many of us also had to do before buying, that is , don't plan to go out anywhere for a couple of nights and read up on all the tvs that interest you in the massive threads on this forum.

Ignore magazine reviews for the most part (though the Tosh wlt has had great reviews) and find out what it is you really require (feature wise) and then make the best compromise (you will have to compromise on something to get a decent TV at a decent price).

It took me about a month to fully convince myself of which model to go for and I'm glad I did the research instead of going out and grabbing the first one that took my fancy (which originally took my fancy because it was being used in "hype-vertising" in connection to the Xbox 360 ;) and instead bought a good all rounder suitable mostly for MY needs. )

Having said that I hear the Bravias (V) have great PQ but you pay a premium and it won't be a night a day difference in my opinion.

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