Best 32" For Under £450, For SD Viewing DVD's?

Discussion in 'What Is The Best TV For You?' started by wokeye, Jun 2, 2008.

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    I am looking for a 32" LCD for the bedroom, budget is £450 or could stretch a little more. It will be used for SD viewing only, probably freeview but I also have a spare Sky box that I may connect, and also for viewing DVD's. I am not bothered at all about 1080p in this size (out of budget anyway I would of thought). My other TV is a Samsung LE37R87BDX which is not entirely perfect but for the outlay it is pretty hard to beat, it is great for SD viewing in my opinion. So basically do I buy Samsung's new model version of this set, I think it's the Samsung LE32A456C which I have seen for around £430 (I cannot find any reviews) or after reading on here the Sony KDL32S3000 or something else.

    The only slight niggles that I have with my current Samsung is that the sound is not superb, but it is adequate. It has some motion blur with football, which I can live with as I have got used to it. If a different TV can improve on these I would be happy. But if not I can live with it, as afterall it is a budget set that I am looking for. So Sony or Samsung? Or is there any other manufacturer worth looking at?

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