Best 32" CRT?



I have to make a choice between these 4 TV's:
Panasonic TX-32PS12P
Philips 32PW8751/12
Philips 32PW9551/12 (is the newer and more expensive Philips better than the old model and if it that's the case is it worth the extra pounds?)
Sony KV-32CS70

I read on this forum complaints about some poping sounds from Philips tubes. Are they really a common problem?
What issues do the Sony and Panasonic have?

It will be mainly be used for SD on cable TV and DVD movies.
Which one of the above has the best picture clarity without appearing overprocessed?

Thank you.

Tight Git

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Hello Panduru and welcome to the Forum. :)

I'm afraid all tv's have "issues" as you call them.

If there was the perfect tv, everyone would be buying it! :lesson:

Don't forget, it's only the problems you hear about.

All the tv's in your list are from reputable manufacturers and there are many thousands out there giving excellent service.

You'll most likely be happy with any of them.

As for your specific query about some pictures being over-processed, this is very much in the eye of the beholder, and the best advice is to get a good demo and decide for yourself.

Remember, you are the only one who can decide what looks best.

Good luck. :smashin:


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Given the measly range of CRT's available today I'd be tempted to buy s/h & grab yourself a real goodie for little money. Even TV's of 4/5 years old can have superlative performance. At least they were built in the CRT era so had some very stiff competition.


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Depending on your budget, I would also consider the JVC HV32P37. It's HD ready (1080i via component) and the picture quality is superb on 1080i with my Xbox 360. If you have a progressive scan dvd player, the picture will be fantastic. I got one on Ebay at Xmas for under £220.

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