Best 28inch WS tv for £500ish?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by mt50, Oct 11, 2004.

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    hi, i've just had sky+ installed today and along with my xbox and ps2 my old 21inch sony TV seems to have a terrible wobbley picture now(10years old) so i've decided to upgrade. i was thinking about getting a 27 or 28inch LCD TV but after looking at the picture Q on some sky channels i've decided against one now. so i've decided to only spend £500 or there abouts(maybe £600-£700 if it is a great TV) things i need are 100htz as i can notice filcker on most tv's i look at in shops so 100htz is a must(looks good on the panasonic pl10 downstairs) 2 RGB scart sockets ntsc compatible S-vid. have had a quick look around but not sure what to go and take a proper look at so suggestions are welcome.

    thank s:)
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    if your looking for a cheap tv but of good quality may i recommend of sony kv32cs70 has 3 scarts 2 RGB enabled and 100Hz for only £600 cant go wrong :D either that or you could try and get the panny tx32pm1 or pm11 depending Hz.on whether u want 100Hz or 50Hz. totally depends on what u want from the set and for a maximum of £600 you can get a really good quality tv that wopuld more than last you until LCD PQ improves dramatically :laugh: and to be honest at the min LCD's are very expensive for the :laugh: quality

    anyway good luck and let me know if you found it usefull :thumbsup:

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