Best 27" screen for photo editing?


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I currently use an HP LP2475w which is a great screen, but I am looking to get something bigger like a 27".

I also run a Dell U2311H as a second screen, but would get rid (sell) this too to make room for the 27".

I use my PC for a variety of things, office use, gaming - but mainly want something that will be good for photo editing.

What is the best screen to go for these days for this purpose? My budget is flexible - but I am not made of money :cool:

I have also posted this thread in the digital camera section too.


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if money was no object then the 27" apple cinema display,however dell do an ips screen for almost half the price.

Dell UltraSharp U2711


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I'm just looking at that screen - it seems Dell have stopped making them?

Amazon have them for around £550 so the sort of cash I was expecting to pay.

Is there really nothing else out there other than those two? What about HP? Viewsonic?


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Hi betelgeus, nice to meet you. The Dell U2711 is available for 552.00 from pcbuyit and it's the latest revison which is A09.
PCBuyIt are an assured adveriser on avforums and I highly recommend them.
I recently upgraded from the 20.1 Dell 2007WFP SIPS Monitor to the Dell U2412M, which I purchased from PCBuyIt. I initially thought of using Amazon, but was concerned that the monitor I get might not be the latest revsion. Also, if the monitor had any dead pixels etc etc, I knew that I would have to speak to Dell directly to get a replacement, which I was really dreading as I went through a few 2007WFP's before I was happy. Dell's customer service is good, but I'm not sure that one department knows what the other department is doing etc etc.
With PCBuyIt, the dead pixel warranty is direct with them. Any pixel issues within the 3 year warranty period and you get a brand new monitor the very next day.
Can't complain really.
Here is a link to their site for the U2711 :-
Dell UltraSharp U2711 27-inch REV A09 Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor with PremierColor Black
They also have an ebay shop :-
eBay Feedback profile for pcbuyit

With regards to the U2412M, I'm very happy with it. No Pixel/Backlight Bleed Issues, Latest Revision and it's such an upgrade going from 20.1 to 24"

Hope this Helps



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if money was no object then the 27" apple cinema display
Really? Why? Most of the reviews I've seen of the cinema displays say they're closer to stuff like the Dell U2711 than to the top end displays from the likes of Eizo and NEC, plus there's that lousy stand with no adjustment.

There's the Fujitsu P27T-6 IPS for a bit more than the Dell, it is also Wide gamut, is that OK for you or not? (generally you want to avoid it, but photo editing is one area where it can be a positive rather than a negative).


absolutely horrendous mate. Great picture but totally awful build quality. The first one i had contained loads of dead pixels, the second one had a dodgy frame and buzzed/whined constantly. Have now got a full refund, won't touch one again


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Personally, I think I'd take the U2711. I've spoken to a few people who have got the 27" IPS Hazros and have said that they're really nice displays, and they don't regret not going for something more expensive. Personally though, if I was already going to spend almost £500 (or more than, depending on if it was the 8-bit or 10-bit) on a monitor, I think I'd spent a little bit extra to get something which is truly tried and tested.


a lot of people really dont like the u2711 though because of the aggressive anti glare coating. Makes whites look very dirty and grainy

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