Best 26" LCD hdtv for pc neededHey guyss

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by willlyy, Jan 18, 2008.

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    Hey guyss

    have been researchin for a while now and I have recently been confused over which 26" LCD tv to buy to use mainly for TV purposes but also for PC browsing.. n ther.

    Not to sure weather to go for a branded Tv eg

    or the cheaper brands eg
    -Hans G

    several out ther
    Im after one with an in built hd tuner with contrast ratios over 1000:1 and preferably an ms under 8 or 8 plus a decent brightness ratio around 350-500 and finally a decent resolution preferably capable of 1080 p... also want it to have hdmi connections ...speaker quality doesnt really phase me as i will be connectin decent speakers to the lcd

    price range = <aus $750

    if any one could suggest any out ther and where to buy or find them would be a great help iv been on the case for a while now and just don't want to throw away money on a crappy quality lcd which forces me to ditch it down the track.

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