Best 26/27" LCD for the money?


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Looking for some help.

The missus only wants to get a "small" TV for the front room (I've just bought a PJ for big screen action when required:smashin: so am not fretting too much) and I am leaning towards the Samsung LE26R73BD for it's looks more than anything else to be honest, and the fact that Samsungs seem to get half decent reviews these days in general.

However, I am a bit perturbed by the lack of trustworthy reviews I can find on this model (Home Cinema Choice online have ignored it for example) and the fact that getting a decent audition in a shop is very difficult (replicating home environment in a big shed is difficult and I can't find one of these on display in proper AV shops as I suppose it's not "proper" AV kit at this size!).

Anyone got any opinions on this model or any alternatives?

My priorities are (in order):-

1) Picture quality
2) Aesthetic design
3) Price - under £800
4) Digital Tuner
5) Component connections (No HDMI DVD at the mo but will probably get one at some point....)

Any views?

(PS we are also in the market for a cheapo PC (under £700), a Panasonic FX01 digital camera (seen for £200) and small 15/17" LCD for the bedroom (about £200) and a kettle!!)

Cheers for any help!


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Oh, and I am totally confused by the Samsung model numbers - what's the difference between this and the LE26R41BDX?


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Like you was also looking for a screen around 26", looked at ther sharp p50/70, sony 26s, panasonic lxd60 and toshiba wlt56. Reviews did not help as different reviews rated all of them differently and looking in shops was evene worse. Where I was able to find a place with 2 or 3 of the tv's in the settings were all over the place and was unable to adjust them - no remotes. I then hit lucky and at a vivit to JL the remote for the 26s was there and with no assistants about I messed about with the settings and was amazed at the increase in picture quality once the backlight, contrast and brightness had been turned down. That made my mind up and after getting a price match through JL cambridge for the tv down from £849 to £651 I was the proud owner of the 26s. After setting it up I must say tv through freeview is excellent and dvds through the sony n76 upscaling player look superb. Dont know why but divx/xvid converted to dvd and played at 720p look fantastic much better than on my old sony crt.

I know this is just my opinion but i think that if you get the sony you will not be disapointed.



i bought the sharp aquos 26" , the sd picture king

it's amazing , really stunning bit of kit

in fact , it's so good , i'm thinking of replacing all the other tv's in the house , 4 crts of varying quality , with them

who needs hd anyways ?


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Cheers for replies!

It's always the same - you start to look at buying something and another thing catches your eye, then another, then another......after reading the Sagem thread on this board I am leaning towards that one now too after all the good reviews on there (looks nice and has 80gb PVR for under £600!)....

So thats the Sharp, Sony, Sagem and Samsung all under consideration - good job I haven't got a lisp! (Do Sanyo do a decent LCD by any chance?)

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