Best 24" FullHD (gaming)


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I've been searching for a 24" FullHD TV for a long time now and now it seems that they are starting to rolli on markets. So what should I buy?

Optionlist isnt very long. I found these

BenQ E24-5500
Panasonic TX-L24C3E
Panasonic TX-L24D35
Panasonic Viera TX-L24E3E
Sony KDL-24EX320

Main purpose for this tv, im looking for would be playing (ps3), possibly linking it with pc, SC-quality and DVD's. Good speakers would be a nice add on so that the they wouldnt sound too crappy.

Any ideas? Sony thread i allready found on this forum.


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Any help with this one? I cannot seem to find any information about these models exept for the sony on these forums.


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there is no such thing as good speaker on this size so u should no that, if u want go sound get a good headphone.

also at 24 there arent huge differences bw tvs as they are all budget level. which one u get is just personal preference.

u can also use pc monitors at 24 and buy a cheap tv tuner, its kind the same.


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LCD display has been my other option but the problem is that they stand too high from the table and if I would buy one I would have to buy a standalone tuner and speakers. I dont wanna use headphones so...

Besides the image on these displays isnt optimal for tv use and connections are lousier.

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