Best 2.1 Active Speakers Under £250


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After some very helpful advise on another thread I'm looking at getting either a Beresford or Cambridge Audio DAC for my PS3/PC setup.

For now I'd rather not get an amp as well as I only have limited space.

I'm therefore looking to get some opinions on the best active 2.1 speakers this setup.

I'm based in the UK.

Many thanks in advance.


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They're not the absolute highest of hifi by any means but i use a set of Logitech Z2300 2.1 speakers with the pc and with my Xfi soundcard its an amazing sound for the money.

The set is THX rated so it will go loud but its still crystal clear even at high volumes and with the 8" sub having a 200w amp driving it its easily more than enough for the intended purpose.

Well worth a listen to see what you think in my opinion.


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Many 2.1 'active' speaker systems are not true actives - a decent satellite speaker will have two drive units, sometimes more, yet typically only one amplifier channel will power the satellite. If you can accept that, then I'd suggest the Altec Lansing MX5021 system that I have used and been pretty impressed with (for a price of under £150). Will be difficult to track down though.

If you're feeling more adventurous, you could purchase what I believe are currently the cheapest true active studio monitor speakers on the UK market - the Studiospares Seiwin monitors - then add a cheap subwoofer.

I can vouch for the Seiwins as I use them (they are amazingly revealing for around £137 - check out reviews). I don't however use a subwoofer so have no idea what quality you’d get for around £113 or how versatile connectivity would be although I notice Thomann are selling the Behringer B2092A active subwoofer for £129 which has been well reviewed – you certainly appear to get a lot for your money.

I suspect you’d have an unbeatable (and very powerful) 2.1 setup with the Seiwins paired with the Behringer sub at just £269 total.

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