Best £900 camera for simulating the pro cams?

Discussion in 'Camcorders, Action Cams & Video Making Forum' started by radicool, Jun 17, 2004.

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    I have read all the posts I can find comparing the cameras I am interested in, but have some extra questions I am hoping somebody may be able to answer...

    I am looking for a camera that doesn't cost more than £900. I am studying film, and we get to use cameras like the Canon XL1S for shooting our projects, but I would like to get something to play around with in my own time.

    So I am looking for a camera that provides as many advanced features/good image quality/manual controls as possible, while still being able to just point & shoot when I am on holiday with it.

    The cameras I have in mind are:

    Canon MV-X3i
    I have always like Canon (have a Canon DC) and the MV-X3i seems to be the best compromise to me. It is shaped more similarly to professional cameras than some of the more compact ones, has optical image stabiliser, anamorphic widescreen, 3.5" lcd, some manual controls (focus, volume etc)

    Panasonic NV-GS200
    Has 3CCD which is obviously the holy grail of cameras. But it seems they have removed a few other features to keep the price down - it doesn't have optical image stabiliser, no widescreen at all - i am also not so sure about the shape (not that it probably makes a real difference). Is the picture quality of a 3CCD so much better than 1CCD that it makes it worthwhile?

    Sony DCR-HC85
    Sony also make good products generally I feel, and the DCR-HC85 is another one in a form factor which I like. It also has 3.5" lcd, optical image stabiliser, but nothing else remarkable that I know of

    Sony DCR-PC330
    This one is pushing the price envelope, but produces a quality image from what I have read. The shape puts me off (there I go talking about the shape again!), but it has the usual array of reasonable features.

    Unfortunately I haven't see the images any of these cameras produce, so I have no idea which one actually records the best images. Which is best in low-light conditions? Which provides the best manual control? Which has some cool extra features that the others don't? Which produces the best quality sound? Any new cameras coming out which I should hold out for? Any suggestions from anybody that has tried any of these cams, or perhaps compared them, would be greatly appreciated.

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    The Grim North
    Try and find a cheap second hand VX2000, or if your lucky a PD150.
    The original VX1000 is a great camera too.

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