BES sim in another smart phone?


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Hi all, I am new here so sorry if this question has been asked before! I have a blackberry through work which is on Vodafone and is on the BES. We use googlemail as our email platform and wondered if there was a way in which I could use my sim card in another smart phone on Vodafone? Maybe a HTC or an iPhone?

Can anyone help please??


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You will need to check three things - firstly, does your companies IT policy allow you to do this? Secondly, do you have a non-BlackBerry data subscription on your mobile contract (BES requires a specific data package, other non-BB data is usually but not always excluded from this) and thirdly, does your company support any other means of connecting to email than BES and are they willing to give you the details?

I would start with a conversation with your company and see if doing this is likely to land you with a huge bill for data and a difficult conversation for breach of policy. If that's both OK, all you need is the connection details and you're off.
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