Beresford Bushmaster and Apple TV1


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Just built my first hi-fi room so starting from scratch really and slowly building up my system and knowledge

Looking to buy the Beresford Bushmaster to see if it complements my some what junior 'hi-fi' system.

I am looking to improve the sound on my Apple TV 1 (ATV1), I mainly have AAC or lossless, pumped through to Cambridge Audio Azur 640A onto my B&W 685's. Unfortunately my Cambridge Audio Azur 640C CD player has malfunctioned, wherebye only the optical out works, hence the external DAC and I have used a Fiio D3 which in turn has malfunctioned!

Already had a response from Mr Beresford which was great, just putting it out there to anyone who has a similar set up and has some advice as to what to expect.

Owing to me living out in the sticks I am unable to go to demo rooms hence this forum.

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I used to have a Beresford Caiman and it was fine, the headphone output very good in particular. On the Art of Sound forum they are big devotees of all things Stan, and the general opinion seems to indicate that the Bushmaster is a step up from the Caiman, though without the USB input this time around. You will get excellent service from Stan and in the unlikely event of something going wrong with your new Bushmaster you nwill have no worries with him putting things right.

It's a pity you have had such bad luck with your Fiio D3 because you can't really do a comparison. As I've already stated the quailty of my D3 defies the price tag.



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Thanks Dibster.

Just sent the second one back today......horrible white noise after 1 hr on the CD but not the ATV1 this slightly better.

I hope that it is the Fiio d3 that is faulty and not my end! Have done loads of testing so hopefully fairly confident that it is the DAC...can just about swallow £30 if it goes wrong but £170 is a different ball game.............I have faith in the comments re Stan so am gearing up for the big purchase.



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I got a Beresford Bushmaster. I also own a TC-7510 from him which I modified with the help of mods that I found on the net. I am hoping to build a linear power supply or modify a suitable one. The idea is to use it with the Bushmaster. I might even do some mods to the DAC just for fun. Maybe add some expensive caps instead of the ones fitted to it. But in bog standard form it is the best sounding DAC that I have owned. Not that I am a big spender.
But I know that Stan offers a money back guarantee on his DAC if you don't like it after you had time to listen to it properly. That's what caused me to try out his DACs in the first place. So you won't be burning any cash except the postage. Can't go far wrong that way.

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