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Peter Strickland's independent psychological thriller Berberian Sound Studio was a darling of the critics and a hit with audiences at the London Fright Fest, even winning with the amazing triumvirate of Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor. Produced with funding and support from WarpX, Screen Yorkshire and the UK Film Council, this low-budget, high-ambition project began life as a short film of the same name, but has now grown to feature-length and, both written and directed by Strickland, has pushed its own experimental envelope into deeper and more provocative territory

Timid middle-aged English movie sound-engineer Gilderoy (the great and incredibly versatile Toby Jones) has been summoned to a little Italian studio to supply the effects and the audio mix for a new horror film, enigmatically called The Equestrian Vortex. He clutches his little white mug, affectionately reminding him of his hometown of Dorking and the rural documentaries he made...

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Waiting for this in the post :) I've heard good things about the movie. I'm glad the disc got such good marks for PQ and AQ.


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Great review and great film.

Watched this last night and agree that there is a certain level of derailment in the last act and a "twist" that feels like it just isn't capitalised on.....but the again, taking into account the auditory bombardment and obfuscation of the rest of the film, was perhaps not even meant to be a twist?

It is hard to describe in some respects and, while I did feel a level of disappointment with the ending, this diminishes after a while, and I have found myself pondering the ending over the course of the day and will certainly find myself revisiting this world and looking for clues a second time around.

But it really won't be for everyone. I personally liked Kill List, and didn't have a problem with the ending, but can see how those disappointed by that film and the way it resolved itself, will probably scream at Berberian Sound Studios as the credits start to roll.

Highly recommended, even if just for the experience! :smashin:


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> a hit with audiences at the London Fright Fest, even winning with the amazing triumvirate of Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor.

FrightFest don't have such awards. I think they should, but they don't.

Total Film (who sponsor FF) seem to have decided that they can declare such awards unilaterally, which is annoying.

Pretty sure Sleep Tight / American Mary would have taken 'Best Film' ahead of this one, based on audience reaction.

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