Beovision 7-32 Mk3 (2008) with new Apple Mac Mini 2020 (M1)


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I have just updated my Apple Mac Mini late 2012 model that was linked to my Beovision 7 -32 (Mk3 - 2008) screen and am having trouble with matching screen resolutions. I have a grey screen and no picture - connecting via DVI - HDMI cable.

I bought a cheap 22' Samsung monitor in order to be able to access the Mac OS Big Sur Display Preferences and alter the resolution. Unfortunately, there wasn't an exact resolution to match the Beovision resolution (which is rated at 1366 x 768)

Does any one have any experience of what might work with this set up?

Thanks in advance


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Does it not accept 1280x720, on old TV's like that one you have they often used 1366x768 as the panel resolution for 720p display.

You might need an active HDMI to DVI device.


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Thanks for your reply. I tried 1280x 720 along with a multitude of other lower resolutions with no luck.

Having spent today trying to solve this, I am getting a strange anomaly in that the screen does momentarily come up with the Mac home page (from grey) - for about a second - when switching over to the Mac HDMI cable from the Samsung TV HDMI . It then goes back to grey scale and remains that way!

I should have mentioned that my old Beovision 7-32 is a DVI ported screen so I am using a DVI - HDMI Adapter (this worked fine with the older Mac Mini late 2012 set up). Similarly, due to the older Beovision TV ports, the sound is ported to the Mac via a Digital Optical to Co ax convertor. I am not sure whether this slightly cumbersome set up might also have a bearing on the problem.

Does the item you mention add to this or would it work as an upgrade to the above?

Thanks in advance.


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I meant to ask if an HDMI 1 cable (as opposed to a HDMI 2) could possibly cause these problems? I am currently using an HDMI 1 cable between the Beovision and an HDMI 2 for the Samsung. Apple does say that the new Mac Mini's HDMI is 'HDMI 2'.


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Maybe, its hard to say, the new M1 mini is completely different hardware from the old x86 mini you had. It wont hurt to try a different cable.

The device I linked to would replace your current HDMI to DVI cable so that it might convert the HDMI output into DVI instead of passing it through as with your current cable.

Here is USB-C to DVI converter meant for macbooks with USB-C which your M1 supports (USB4 - Thunderbolt 4 ports) so your HDMI port isnt taken up if you want that for the Samsung.


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A brief update...
I have been able to get a picture back with a DVI - USB C (Thunderbolt / USB C on the back o the Mac) cable which now works as it did.
However, I am not getting any sound out of the Mac using the headphone out - TOS link - Coax convertor - BV7 32.
The Maplin co ax convertor is 8 years old so I have ordered a newer version and am hoping that may work.
Otherwise, I am stumped at present. May be considering a Beovison 10 32 as a replacement.

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