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Feb 5, 2004
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I have just noticed that B&O have brought out a widescreen lcd television - beovision 6.

Anyone seen it ? what do they think?
There is a wonderful expression we have here in scotland for items such as B&O, Leowe etc.

"Fur coat and nae knickers"

This should inform you of the "quality" of these types of products.
Well, I don't know anything about B&O TVs, but if they're anything like their "hi-fi"...

Still, would you tar Loewe with the same brush? I saw a Spheros in action and thought the pic was excellent. Expensive? Certainly. Worth it? Not for me.

I always coveted a B&O telly - and not just for the style either. I remember being in Bentalls about 5 years ago watching some 2CV racing (honest) - and the only TVs that got the colours right were the 3 or 4 B&Os. I had a 2CV when I was at college so knew those funny smudgy blues and oranges well - and the B&Os really were the only ones to reproduce them properly.

I'd heard that B&O TVs were the dogs danglies but this was the first time I'd seen it so obviously displayed. Whenever I saw a review of a B&O TV the picture quality always got top marks.

the thing is though that the 21" B&Os were over £1k when a perfectly acdeptable Sony/Panasonic was £300 - £400, so no matter how good its colours were it was difficult to justify the extra.

So if they are maintaining their standards with the move to LCD TVs maybe theirs is the best. - I'd be interested to hear.


ps - agree about their HiFi - it's pants AND expensive
I bought a Beovision 6 about 2 months ago and I am very pleased with it. My lounge is small (15' x 12') and the house is old so I needed a compact screen, but also one that gave good pictures and blended in to the surroundings. I decided LCD around 24" would be the way to go and that a black set would blend in better than the current fashion for silver. I looked at loads of LCDs but none particularly impressed me, particularly the analogue tuner pictures, which were noisy and the motion very smeary. In comparison, the B&O set is a revelation.

The picture is extremely clean and noise free from analogue signals and looks absolutely stunning on RGB input from the DVD. Colours are beautifully balanced and stay tightly within their boundaries giving a very natural looking picture. The B&O is not as bright as some LCD sets but does have excellent black levels which I think is a better compromise as you actually get black and not a washed out grey like some sets.

Sound is very good for a compact set and can be used to play CDs through for smaller rooms. The user interface is a quirky in typically B&O fashion but you soon get used to it and adds to the 'experience' I suppose.

Overall, I am delighted with the TV - its truly beautifully built and having owned most consumer brands in the past, the B&O is on an entirely different level of satisfaction - particularly when combined with the fantastic service from the dealer. I know that at its heart, its an LG-Philips, but that is no bad thing and it amuses me to see people on here arguing about whether B&O or Philips or Loewe make the best TVs when they all share tubes/panels and circuitry and are all capable of excellent results.

I am looking forward to hooking it up using the DVI terminal when I get a suitable equipped DVD player - although its hard to see how the picture could be improved !

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