Beovision 3 = Philips + style?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by retu, Feb 14, 2002.

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    I was mesmerised by the picture quality of the beovision 3. We were allowed to try it out at home for a few days. With a strong signal we were impressed (and I'm a born again cynic by nature). But its really (I mean really) expensive.

    For the picture I understand that they use a Philips tube and similar electronics.

    Does this mean I should get the same picture quality from one of the higher end philips TVs (e.g 32 PW9616)?

    Its difficult to compare quality in the shops because you are so dependant on the quality of the signal going in. As far as we could tell (walking from one end of the shop to another) the B&O picture was better than Loewe & Philips machines.

    I would like a 'yes' answer because then I could get DD as well for about half the price. But a qualified answer would be appreciated.
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    Jan 17, 2002
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    As far as I know, Bang & Olufsen use their own chassis but with mainly Philips components, including the picture tube (CRT). It seems they do not mess around with special effects to the same extent as the mass brands, so their TV's suffer a bit less from scan velocity modulation and other horrible junk. They use technology more wisely, but we all know how much their TV's cost...

    If you are considering buying a Philips 32PW9616 or one of its sibling models, be prepared for a different CRT from what you will see in many stores. As you may have heard, they are now using the Quintrix F from Panasonic instead of their own Cybertube. The new CRT is slightly sharper, but not as flat behind the glass and the finer dot pitch causes some moiré that makes the picture feel a bit matt. It is very analytical now.

    Track down a Philips 32PW9616 that has a Quintrix F CRT and have the store plug in a DVD player via a decent connection. Only then will you know how you feel about the set. You can recognize the Quintrix F through its vertical curvature behind the glass, as well as the small measurement dots on either side of the picture.

    You might want to wait though for the 32PW9617 since it will have Pixel Plus. In practice it might cost a little more than the 32PW9616 does now but in case it does not, many a new 32PW9616 owner will kick themselves both once and twice.

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