Benq7700 Poor Deinterlacing?


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This was mentioned in a review and i am wondering if anyone has any first hand experience of this as it worrys me somewhat and seems to be the only downside of a great projector and i was kind of looking to hook a PS2 or GC upto it but if its deinterlacing is that bad then it may be out of the question. I intend to use it 80% of the time with my PC and the other 20% with Xbox (480p) and xbox360 (720p) and PS3 and SkyHD so this issue is not massive but still if anyone can shed any light on how bad it really is then that would put my mind at rest as £1400 is alot of money :rolleyes:

Peter Parker

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I saw one for a short time and I can confirm that the de-interlacing did leave a lot to be desired with the material we viewed - a lot of combing/jaggies at the edges of things when fed from a stand alone DVD player for example.

Fortunately when fed from an HTPC the image was greatly improved and if that's going to be your main source (including DVD and video playback) you should be fine. Just make sure the graphics card is a later Radeon or Nvidia model (using DVI though VGA is good too) and you will have an excellent scaler/deinterlacer for video playback.

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