Benq W600 or Benq MP735


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Hello all !

I've been googling and reading forums for a week to learn about projectors since I'm purchasing one in 10 days. However I'm a bit stuck :(

I'm planning to mainly play XBOX360 + PS3 on it and occasional DVD / BluRay :)

The retailer I can get a projector from offers these:

I'm stating native resolution + intensity + contrast which from what I understand are the most important ? :)

BenQ W600 (native is 16:9, 720p / 1280x720) 2600 ansi / 3000:1
BenQ MP735 (native is 16:10, 1280x800) 3000 ansi / 2800:1

BenQ MP670 (native is 4:3, 1024x768 supports 16:9 tho) 3200 ansi / 3000:1
Acer P1266P (same as MP670) 2700 ansi / 2700:1

I only require 720P support since that's the native res for 99% of games on the consoles and I don't mind the downscale of BluRay to that.

Now my thoughts:

I heard that the W600 has a very disturbing rainbow effect (don't know how it is compared to other ones tho).

The MP735 is 16:10 and also supports 720p but don't know how degraded the image would be or weird looking...

I'm thinking the W600 would be the most accurate picture wise but the rainbow effect of it really worries me.

The last 2 are the cheapest and 1024x768 native so will it be that bad looking if I'm sitting 5 meters away from a 95" inch projected image? Meaning I project a 1280x720 (720p) scaled to 1024x768

The title says W600 or MP735 since they're at least widescreen native aspect ratio but I'm not really sure that matters?

Just for reference on prices:

MP670 = 570 EUR / 800$
P1266P = 507 EUR / 720$

W600 = 630 EUR / 890$
MP375 = 630 EUR / 890$

I was originally thinking "what the heck let's get the cheaper 1024x768" but for 60-100 eur more I could get a native 720p /16:9 so I am waiting for some advice on this :)
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MP735 & MP670 are intended for use as data projectors, re the MP670 I wouldn't touch a 4:3 for HD ready sources, you wont use approx a 1/3rd of the chip and not actually be projecting HD.


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So W600 the best choice? :)

I was also considering the Acer H5360 but It went up by 100euros in 2 days for some reason (the price I mean)

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