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This will be my first projector so I apologise if this is a dumb question.

I understand with some projectors that the screen size is dependant on the distance from the wall/screen but with this short throw BenQ W1210ST 1080p Home Projector Best for Video Gaming it gets a little confusing.

I can only place this projector 7 feet from the wall it will display on, will I be able to make the viewing size smaller or larger up to a maximum for the distance? I dont want to end up with a massive screen size I cant adjust because of the distance from the wall.

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The benq projection calculator should be useful for you

BenQ Projector Calculator

Putting your model number in and distance of 7 feet does produce a pretty large screen size
If you take into account the depth of the projector and cables the distance from lense to the wall is it still 7 foot lense to screen ?

Based on 7 foot lense to screen its between 116 to 139.7 " diagonal screen size. it is adjustable but still pretty large due to it being a short throw projector.


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Well I have just measured the distance and it is actually 8 foot :(.

So the 116 to 139.7 you mention is with zoom in/out function?
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Throw Distance - remember to allow for the projector body in your calculations, subtract the depth of the projector plus an allowance for cables (if it has rear entry for the cables) and measure from the projector lens to the projection surface.

Image size - what is your seat/viewing distance and do you have an ideal image size?


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