BenQ W1070 - how to get 4k sources to it through receiver?

richard plumb

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Have a BenQ 1070 which has been woefully ignored since I got my 65” c9 and next gen consoles. I have a Denon 2400 receiver which doesn’t support HDMI 2.1 so I have my consoles wired directly into the TV, but my apple TV is connected through the receiver.

Denon has twin outputs, and I’d like to start integrating the projector again. So two questions really

1) is it possible to leave my inputs set for the TV and have the receiver adjust HDMI output 2 to 1080p or a signal the 1070 will understand?

2) if not, whats the best cheapest option to get my media to the projector? I think I have a spare input so perhaps a dedicated projector device set to 1080p and would need access to apple TV (most of my digital movies and TV are purchased there), also amazon prime/netflix and crunchyroll would be needed.


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I found myself in a similar situation to you and spoke to Joe at The Media Factory (they advertise on here). He was really helpful and after I explained my setup he offered a solution that has been working perfectly for me.

I have a 4k TV and a 1080p PJ and use my Arcam SR250 to send a mirrored output to both. I was having to unplug the TV HDMI from the amp if I wanted to use the projector as it would detect the 4k TV and then try to set both outputs to 4k which wouldn't display on the 1080p PJ. As I wasn't using any 4k content I bought a HDFury DrHDMI 4k to go between the amp and the tv which would make the amp think the TV was a 1080p device instead and that then fixed things for me. If I want to view 4k content on the TV from a device connected to the amp then I just need to remove the DrHDMI.

If 4k is a must for you, then I think that the HDFury Vertex offers scaling but it does cost a fair bit more.

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