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After some help finding an alternative to the Benq V6050. Was just about to pull the trigger and order one for £2k from Richersounds last week (was waiting for my 0% credit card to come through!) when they pulled the offer and stock :facepalm:. Been looking for a week and can't find anything that comes close to it for the same price. I had factored in an ALR drop down screen as well so total was just under £4k (didn't go down well with the wife, condition was a 0% card) I've today ruled out the Optoma P2 because it needs to be too far from the wall for a 92/100 " screen (51 cm which is a lot in a lounge). Ruled out the Optoma UHZ65UST because in general I thought the reviews weren't as good as the Benq V6050 and it's more expensive taking me over that £4k margin (I nearly got kicked out the house at that price let alone more)

I've started looking at 'normal' projectors but with a room at 3.3m I'm in that zone where the screen throw distance is too short, or for example the Benq tk700sti is to far on the wall and if I put it on a table needs to be right in my seating position! Now looking at the Benq W2700 which does my 3D, sacrifices gaming and might be too load. I'm not convinced it's the right choice but right now I think it might be my only choice!

Does anyone have any suggestions of an UST projector I could look at that is on par with the Benq V6050 at £2K?




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I picked up an LG HU85LS from Amazon Marketplace last year for just over £2k, not a mark on it. I think I was extremely fortunate at the time, they are now up-to £2639 used or £4.5k new (on Amazon but I think can be sourced cheaper).

Its a lovely machine, lovely vibrant colours, decent black levels and excellent LG UI and Magic remote, I have zero complaints other than it is so short throw it basically touches the bottom of the Vivistorm ALR screen.

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