BenQ PE8720 Projector / Cinema Room



Further to my listing of my entire room for £3750 i have taken your advice and will start selling stuff seperately in the next week or so.

The feeling i get is that no one is willing to pay more than £1500 for the PJ so its gone to that infamous auction site 2 see if i get any bites from Joe Public for a little more. I am Trying to package it in with the screen as a buy it now so they wont be up for sale as seperate items. for 10 days. i have 4 people watching though so fingers crossed

I will post prices for the rest of the gear as soon as i work out the worth of them.


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I'm interested in the PJ however as you got it new for £1500, I'd be surprised if anyone wanted to pay over that price 2nd hand. ;)


yer - i got it on a deal, but it depends on what the actual value of the projector is rather than what i paid for it.

there were only limites stock if you recall and loads missed out. if its worth more to someone then great!

its like buying a pair of jeans in the next sale, someone ends up paying full price two weeks later for the same pair of jeans...mate gets buy one get one free pop (£2.50 for 12) and manages to sell them for 50p a can at the car boot sale along with tea and coffee...

indeed, the mark up on a high end product is huge for a dealer...

anyhow, i will see how it goes...its worth what someone is willing to pay for it - i have learned that lesson when i had to sell my house for 15K less than valued!!!

the other stuff will be on here soon

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