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BenQ PB6100 demo in London

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by monopole, Sep 18, 2004.

  1. monopole


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    If anyone wants to demo a BenQ PB6100 800x600 DLP (currently 650 pounds at ebuyer.co.uk), simply go to De Hems, a Dutch pub in London's chinatown:


    and venture upstairs. I'd been wanting to demo the BenQ for a while, so was quite pleased to stumble across this last night.

    The BenQ has a 3 speed RGBW colour wheel.

    The picture was very bright indeed (you'd probably need a neutral density filter if you wanted to run this in a dark room) and threw a bright, colourful, contrasty image (even with the lighting in the pub). This would be perfect for me... apart from the dreaded rainbows - they were everywhere - i thought someone had spiked my drink with LSD. Watching football highlights wasn't so bad, but the adverts were full of rainbows. Even after a couple of hours, settling down and not moving my eyes around and just watching the image, i was still seeing them... and watching the image was somehow fatiguing.


    I saw a 4805 a few weeks ago in London and although the image was very good indeed - excellent blacks and shadow detail, especially compared to a Sanyo PLV-Z2 which a friend owns, i saw one or two rainbows... the films demoed were dark scenes from Matrix 2 and the opening to Amelie. Unfortunately, the demo was over in less than 15 minutes, so not much time to sit back and relax. I wasn't too happy with the demo either - the demoer didn't really seem to be interested and just wanted to get rid of us after 15 minutes or so... i'm not gonna shell out 1300 quid if all they would give me is 15 minutes and make me feel uncomfortable if i wanted to try more than 1 dvd - and it wasn't as if there was a queue for the demo room - it was early on a weekday morning and we were the only people in the shop.

    If this is generally the state of in-store demos, i'm beginning to think the safest bet might be to wait a wee bit and try the new Panasonic AE700... Though to be honest, i don't expect the contrast ratio to be anywhere near the 2000:1 mentioned in the marketing material... will it be like the Z2 where i'm always itching to increase the contrast at the back of my mind (dark scenes in Pirates of the Caribbean for example)?

    I'm even beginning to wonder if I should just save my pennies a bit more and try an Optoma H77... hoping that it exhibits fewer rainbows than the Infocus 4805... with the added benefit of being able to have a bigger image at the same seating distance without seeing any DLP line structure.


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