BenQ MP610 problem!!! Please help!!



I recently bought an MP610 as my old HP projector spluttered and died last month. I'm very impressed with it so far except for one problem that I cant overcome!

I have all the equipment in my lounge plugged through a Sony DAVS300 DVD amplifier connected via a composite cable to my projector. It plays everything beauifully until I change either my Wii or my 360 to 60hz then it goes haywire!! It either displays the image in black and white, or blinks on and off, or displays in colour but the yellow end of the spectrum is badly corrupted.

Meanwhile, I put a region free NTSC dvd in the player and that displayed fine! I have tried connecting the consoles directly to the projector, but just get the same problem.

I could buy component cables, but then I would have to pull up floorboards and stuff to hide the cables which would be a royal pain in the bum!

Has anybody had any similar issues or have any suggestions? ANy help much appreciated! :lease: :thumbsup:

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