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Computer man come yesterday. He took one look at our Benq flat screen said see that little white shadow at the bottom of the screen protruding out the task bar. I said yes what is it. He said your monitor on the way out. He dumbfounded me by saying They only last about two years on average is this correct please or is he talking out the back of his trousers. Seems a knowledgeable guy.


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It could be one of two things - backlight bleed or image persistence.
If it's the former, there's not much you can do but it's unlikely to have occurred if it wasn't there from the start.

If it's the latter, it's possibly recoverable.
Autohide your taskbar, hide your desktop icons, set your desktop to completely white and turn off the screen saver.
Leave it for a few hours, then switch to a black desktop and see if it's improved.
If it's not completely cured, cycle the desktop colour to red; leave for an hour, then blue for an hour, then green. Back to white for another hour or two, then back to black and check again.

I think your computer guy is just a little misinformed. Most mid-range to decent monitors come with a three year warranty as standard (including Benq, AFAIK).
Check the documentation that came with your monitor.
If this is the same guy that sold it to you, he may have been pulling a fast one.

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