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BenQ DV3250 announcement

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by sffpc, Apr 2, 2005.

  1. sffpc


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    Only German announcement so far but we can probably expect to see it here very soon, too.

    At RRP of 1500 Euros we will probably see it squeeze just under the £1000 mark soon after launch. German launch is set for mid-April.

    The details: DVI (HDCP), 31.5in, 800:1 contrast, 500cd/m2, 12ms response time, 1366x768 resolution, 2 Scart, component, S-Video and a Faroudja DCDi chipset! Just look over at the projector forums for what that chip can do to a projector like the InFocus X1. Plus, they include some proprietary SensEye technology for "dynamic automatic optimisation of picture quality, fine adjustment of brightness and contrast, colour mapping and for the improvement of motion for soft and smooth pictures".

    Sounds very tempting. Given their expertise in LCD in general this doesn't look bad at all, esp. given the inclusion of the Faroudja chip.

    Here is the Link.
  2. sffpc


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    I looked for some more details. Here's what I found:

    English site Link
    Spec sheet Link

    First impressions from a German forum Link

    A few people have received their TVs in late March.

    First seen at CeBit in early March - people at the booth confirmed things like HDCP (compare that to Video7 who had to retract their statement of supporting HDCP!)
    According to chat to BenQ "with someone who knows" the TV supports 720p, 1080i in both 50Hz and 60Hz
    Sports, action movies - no motion blurring thanks to 12ms response time
    Newstickers - no smearing very legible except for a very fast moving one
    1366x768 works according to BenQ but not tested yet - 1280x768 works dot-to-dot (tested from a notebook)
    Speakers not detachable
    Fan noise hardly noticeable
    XBox 720p games look great
    Good to very good colour accuracy
    Design: not great but acceptable given the price
    Somewhat had a fault after two hours' use - no further news on this one
    Remote: unintuitive, big - recommendation is to replace it with an all-in-one

    More links:

    Some pictures: Link (inc some 720p and 1080i pictures)

    Picture of back: Link

    BenQ is launching a 37in 1080p model at $2000 - the first one I'm aware of at that size - US only unfortunately but you never know... Link
    BenQ has a 46in 1080p model out in Canada for $9000 (Canadian) = £4000 - was visible on EU site for a short while (not anymore) Link

    Best thing is the price: 1197.16 Euros including delivery to EU = £830! Link

    From other threads I gather that EU rules state that warranties have to be valid throughout the EU.

    This is probably the best value for money 32in LCD TV!

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