BenQ 8700+ has arrived, what do I think as a CRT user??


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Well I got my BenQ 8700+, and I thought I would start a thread in which I will give my impression of it over the next couple of weeks and post some screenshots form the DLP and from the CRT for comparison.

Only set it up quickly as I think I may have a touch of flu coming on and lost interest quite quickly.

First impressions, nice colours straight out the box, nice and quiet compared with my old Plus DLP, and a similar sound to the crt, a low whirr rather than a whine.
Not as bright as I thought it would be, the CRT is just as bright.

used avia to set the sharpness, black level and contrast, and also adjusted the user RGB levels slightly to get rid of a slight red push.

Put in Vertical limit Superbit and watched a couple of scenes, the outside shots first , stunning colours, nice and sharp and lots of punch to the image, but , it does look digital. Overall very impressive though and well chuffed.
Then I skipped to the bit were they are in a cave or whatever it is, this is a dark scene with lots of detail, and this is a bit of a problem for the DLP, on the CRT you can feel how dark it is and you can see all teh details in the background, the dlp however looks a little washed out, if you knock the black level down to how I knopw it should be you then loose all the detail in the image.

I will try and tweak it over the next couple of days and see if I can squeeze more out of this projector, and when I do I will take some screen shots, it would not be fair to do it yet as it is a long way behind the crt at the moment.

On am image quality scale I would rate the following projectors I have seen

Bacrco cine 8 onyx as a 9 (not got a 10, will leave that open for a G90 or cine 9)
Nec XG as a 7.5
barco 808s 7
Sharp 12k dlp as a 6
BenQ8700+ as a 5
sony 1271 crt 5
AE500 as a 3
AE100 as a 1

Please dont annyone take offence as these are all watchable projectors.

Will post updates when I get round to watching it some more.

edit: forgot to say that I have not seen any rainbows and it has not given me a headache like alot of dlp units do.


Glad you're happy with your pj gizlaroc. Since buying my LCD I've been on the lookout for something else. I'm very prone to buyers remorse and while my HS20 is a fantastic pj, everyone says that DLP has much better blacks. Now I can't look at my screen without focusing on how grey the black looks. This forum will do that to you! :)

Great to see you put pjs you've seen on a scale. I'd love it if everyone would do similar ratings as you've done. Where would you put the HS20? I'd imagine maybe 3 as well.

The next step is HD2+ and the benq 8700+. Look forward to your impressions and screenshots. :smashin:


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Welcome aboard Guy, this has the makings of a good thread - will be interested to see how you fare with DLP, and your opinion of the comparison with CRT.

Look forward to the screenshots.........

Sean G.


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The only place I have seen a HS20 is in the Sony Wonder store in New York, it was on an 80" 16:9 screen and it was not ideal conditions, it was pretty dark in there but there was a little stray light coming in.
Overall I was quite impressed though, it was playing Fifth Element which I know well and is what I use to set the colours on my display units, the colours of the sony were pretty good and I have to say I was impressed, the scene after she jumps from the building and they hide in the fog was were you could tell it was digital, also where she was running through the tunnel. I dont know what the CR is on the HS20 but it seems OK to me, definitely better than the ae500.

Just watched a bit of First Knight on d-vhs in 1080i and it looks pretty good on the DLP but you do know you are watching a digital, I can't put my finger on it but you do know. The more I spend time with the digital the more I appreciate CRT, but I am still happy with the DLP, it is a compromise and a pretty good one.


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What suppliers have this machine in the UK, assuming you sourced it in the UK. I would not mind seeing it in their demo rooms and see how it compares with my HT1000, I am over in the UK next week and might make a detour to see one.

What size screen are you projecting on?



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I think that Ivojo and nexnix should both have the units in stock now, or by Monday at least.

I am shooting onto a 70" wide 16:9 screen with no gain.
Will probably change this to a 80x45 screen when I move.

Just watched the old faithful "Fifth Element" on the BenQ and this allowed me to tweak it a little more. Pretty impressed with the image, but, it definitely does not have that 3D snap that you get from crt, which you can only achieve with true blacks.


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OK, a few people have sent me PM's asking for updates on teh BenQ 8700+.

I have been really busy with work etc. and havn't had as much free time as I would have liked to play with the unit until the other night.

One thing I found was regarding the colours when inputting component in anything other than interlaced there was a strong green push.
After delving into the service menu I have now fixed this and have tweaked a few settings on all inputs, I knocked the contrast down in the service menu as it is a much finer control and now have wonderful whites with no blooming at all.

I now feel that the projector is good enough to take some screen shots, I will take the same shots as I took from my crt taken from the superbit version of Vertical Limit, and will post them over the weekend.

Taken using the CRT.

What I can say is this DLP has really surprised me and is looking pretty bloody good.


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Otherwise it wouldn't be avsforum's favorite at the moment!!! ;p

For the money paid, it is unbeatable!!!



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I will have a look at the settings tonight Gordon, it was on 1080i d-vhs both off air and D-theater where there was a green push too, and also noticeable when switching my rp-82 from interlaced to progressive.

The 2 menus concerned are

.....RGBHV format
.....YPbPr format

Color balance
.....Gamma gain
.....Gamma offset
.....Save data temp
.....Save video temp
.....Filter bypass
..........V-in [Yes/No]
..........V-out [Yes/No]
..........G-in [Yes/No)

From memory I think a couple of clicks on the Pb-offset and Pr-offset sorted it out to give me a reasonable colour temp for now.

Does anyone know what deinterlacer the BenQ uses?? the image is very good using interlaced, in fac it looks as good as the Faroudja in the Panasonic dvd.

I was using my Lumagen and that was nice but sold it on ready for the new ones with sdi and dvi while it was still worth a reasonable amount.

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