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    I have owned my Sony CS1 projector for 4 months, with less than 300 hrs on the clock my lamp decided to give up. I have used my projector in the correct manner as laid out in the manual. But now will have to pay out £300 for a new lamp. Having been told that the lamp isn't covered by the warranty.
    I paid a visit to a Sony centre and they weren't interested, I know they are only resellers but they still offered no help at all. The company I bought it from offered to have a look at it and test another bulb in the unit to make sure there are no other faults, but at the end of the day I am still going to have to buy a £300 lamp.
    People will say that if a lamp doesn't last the 2000 or so hrs that it is supposed to then that is the luck of the draw. But if it is a case of the luck of the draw then Sony shouldn't charge a high price for the lamps. If my lamps keep going every 3-4 months I could have bought a new projector within a couple of years.
    Can anyone offer any advice or does anyone share my feelings
    Has anyone else had any lamp problems with the Sony CS1 or other LCD projector?



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    What does the actual warranty (you received in the box) say about the bulb? Unless it specifically excludes the bulb I'd be inclined to kick up a stink about consumer rights - a bulb (properly used) shouldn't pack in after 4 months of use.

    I'm sure that its law that warranties must now cover a full 12 month period for electrical goods with no exceptions - anyone confirm this?

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