Benefits of stone slabs under floorstander speakers?


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As title really!
You get to use some of the other 2cm granite tiles you bought for your down firing sub, from the ones remaining from the square metre box in the garage :D



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Seriously tho - I have Mission floorstanders, standing on laminated floor (which is laid on a concrete floor, guessing it has a soft layer between the two) and they stand on their little spike feet....

How will inch thick contrete slabs help here - reduce bass, improve bass, etc etc.....


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Give them a try and see what happens. You can always use them somewhere in the garden. Wouldnt cost much really.

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It depends on what your problems are. I would say you are not likely to see too much difference, but you can try decoupling the slabs from the floor. Get some pipe isulation foam and slice in half. Lay in strips under the slabs so you have a foam layer. Use spikes between the speaker and slab, then try removing the spikes and use blue tack. See a)if any of it makes a difference b)if it does, which cofiguration do you prefer. Should only cost a few quid.

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