Benefits of smugmug over flickr?????


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Can anyone who uses both give me a quick pro`s and cons please. Ive tried the free trial but other than customisation i cant really see any benefits (waiting for new specs).

I have been looking at the power user of what ever its called $60 a year one if it helps any.


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You can get A 50% discount on smugmug if you use the discount code "flickr" (without the quotes).

I tried SmugMug an Zenfolio a few weeks ago and went with Zenfolio - cheaper, better looking. Yesterday I created a second trial "Power User" Smugmug account.

The problem with Zenfolio is that you don't get many people looking at your pictures. I uploaded my big cat pictures to Zenfolio and had zero hits since last friday. On SmugMug I have had over 100 hits in 1 day. SmugMug is somewhere between Flickr and Zenfolio. You can make comment and rank other peoples photos on SmugMug. If you want to sell pictures using a Pro account that SmugMug will probably be a better bet than Zenfolio as it appears to have a lot more users.

SmugMug's main advantage is that you can customise the layout. There is a forum called dgrin - see help - Join a very cool forum- powered by SmugMug. Support from SmugMug is supposed to be very good. I'd like to have a professional looking site to showcase my better pictures. Flickr is a lot of fun, but in the long term it is probably not the ideal site to promote your photos. The level of protection is better on SmugMug - you can determine the max size of photos people can view per gallery. Long term I will probably go with SmugMug.
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Flickr is great if you want to show your pics and get people to comment on them. It's a great ego-booster when lots of people leave you comments. Great groups & community aspects too.

Smugmug is a bit more niche. Nowhere like the same sort of commenting/community culture (though I do get occasional comments). It's more "serious" i.e. as a power user you can create a commercial site that takes PayPal or Google Checkout payments, has your own look & feel and is generally very cool.

So, I use Flickr for posting up stuff that I think others may find interesting, and let my friends know what I'm up to. I use SmugMug for my commercial stuff and also as an online vault to store high-res versions of my pics should my PC die.


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Smugmug has unlimited storage/bandwidth for all your pics, loads of customisation, great support on dgrin, easy to make a professional looking website


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Smugmug has great support through the dgrin forums and its really easy to design a custom site, for me it's also peace of mind that I have an archive copy of all the pics at full size of my kids.

I have no web design experience but getting my site - here, up and running was pretty easy...

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