Benefit of central tv distribution ?


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I am about to start a large new build.

the likes of control 4 offer central video distribution and houses I have looked at have a rack of sky boxes in a server room.
However ... I can’t see what the benefit is ! In my last house I had skyq and several mini boxes which was cheap and perfect. Everyone can watch anything.
What am I missing please as I am sure people spend money with control 4 etc for a reason. I just can’t follow what that reason is !

thank you


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It has more to do with having all AV equipment centralised in a rack with feeds to TVs running over Cat6 (for example) as opposed to individual technologies localised at each TV.

This allows for HA company to remotely manage and diagnose faults.



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Centralising distribution allows other devices (CCTV, games console, Apple TV’s etc) to be accessed via all TV’s without the need for each room to have individual devices.

If it’s just Sky you’re looking to distribute, it may not be the best option. However, if you have a number of other devices as above, then it’s something you may wish to consider.

Oh, it also frees up space in the rooms and tends to be more “aesthetically pleasing”!


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In all honesty central racks are getting to be 'old thinking' they were relevant when source hardware was large and expensive, but with the advent of much smaller and cheaper local media sources they are rapidly falling out of fashion.

Sky has limitations for UHD content, in that you can only have a single box with UHD. You have to weigh this against the cost of UHD distribution which is expensive. The best person to talk to this is @Joe Fernand as he probably does more of these installs (mainly commercial) than anyone else here


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Thank you for your replies.

The limitations on the number of sky mini users at one time is not a particular issue and the TVs have Netflix in any event. I can see gaming etc but for the cost of a cerebral system I can buy my son another PS4 or tell him to move rooms !

I would like to broadcast cctv but it is a nice to have more then must have.

the sky mini boxes tend to hide behind the tv and I suspect this is the way we will go.

Thanks again for your replies
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If you have aerial/coax distribution then you can potentially use a HD modulator (£150ish) for the CCTV distribution to any number of TVS that have freeview HD tuners


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I'm not sure what the ps5 is like but with my PS4 I can play in 2 adjacent rooms (using zone 2 on my main amp to a second room) but if I sit the wrong side of the table or even get my body in the way the controller looses connection quite easily, it's through a wall but not very far. I tend to play PS4 in the main room for this reason.

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