Bendy Sagem screen, is this a problem!!


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I have recently got a Sagem HDD45S and it has a wonderful picture and I am really pleased. I have noticed that the picture goes right to the edge all the way around apart from a the top where it does not reach the frame. It starts at about 5mm and then increases to the centre at 1cm and the drops back to 5mm. Again no problems with tv but as it is still under guarantee i was trying to find out if this needs fixing or if it is one of those things. Anyone experienced/ Know about this? Cheers.

corrado kid

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Simple answer mate, yes its a problem. You are clearly not too happy (as you have posted on here) and its under warranty so...


Either the geometry can be corrected or the frame itself is bent slightly


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on my 56" sagem the frame is flexible enough to allow you to twist it to correct 5mm or more


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Sounds like a problem, my 50" fills the entire screen, no borders at all.

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