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Belkin Wireless signal problems

Sqweeky Badger

Active Member
ive been conecting to this wireless router for years,
however with the adition of a new laptop with wireless, it now loves to drop the signal.
But not in all aspects of net use, genral browsing and downloads are faultless and give me the full speed that my provider gives me,

Its when i use other c++ programs to download, eg gamersyde use torrents to download their 1080p previews

when i launch this program it starts to gather speed, then after around 3 mins, the router conection resets and the DL stops...


with a wired conection its all perfect no probs...
with wirless it drops all the time

the router is a belkin wireless g F5d7230-4
i know the equipment is kind of..........**** but its what i have for now

ive searched belkin and the c++ program site with no avail

any help or insite id love
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Before you go any further, try a read of the WiFi FAQ and ensure that your new laptop's WiFi drivers are up to date.
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Sqweeky Badger

Active Member
so...... been into the faq,
followed all the instructions, but to be honest i didnt have to change anything,
im the only one on my channel
signal strenth is good
ive looked at my drivers and there up to date(even though the belkins last support was in 2010)
so my problems will still persist because i have not changed a thing...
Ive also have the feeling that advise of torrents may not be avalible in this forum so i stated a large download from Autodesk and that too stopped after a few mins.....

Sqweeky Badger

Active Member
thankyou for posting...
ive checked the channels
im on channel 1
and the 4 other people ive detected are on channel and 6 and 11

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