Belden 7710A vs 1694A


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Having seen the rave reviews of Mark Grants 7710A component cables I really wanted to get some for our PJ, but the logistics of hiding and bending 11m of it is a nightmare! Am I going to notice any difference if I go for the separate 1694A cables instead?

Nic Rhodes

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colour coding and flexibility are the issues here, otherwise they are identical. If someone tells you otherwise they are speaking ****


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Thanks, that's what I'd hoped. I notice Mark said that getting 3 long lengths of 1694A is tricky but he can do it, so I'll be putting some more business his way :)

helen B

Hi Yandros,
Have a look at this site before you buy.
They offer the same Belden cables but at silly prices. But dont get put off by the cheap prices as the service is second to none.
I ordered 2 lots of cable (Belden 7710A and 1694A at 4 feet lengths) on friday evening at 6;30pm and they arrived on my doorstep at 8;00am tuesday morning. Bearing in mind the company is in Seattle and the time difference I could not beleive how quick they were sent. These cables cost me $62 dollars US including shipping and no customs issues. Thats £34. Cheap does not describe this price when you consider the quality.

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