Belden 1694A v Van Damme


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My friend has recently purchased a projector (after seeing mine).
She is now considering her options for component cable.

I have a Denon 2900 connected via Belden 1694a and I am very pleased with the results.

She has a limited budget (11 metres required) and was wondering whether to get a cheaper cable like the Van Damme which is good and reasonably priced, or save a bit more for the 1694A.
It will be connected to a Harmon Kardon DVD30.

Will there be a big difference in picture quality if she chooses the cheaper option? I've only used Belden 1694A with my (1st)projector, so I've got nothing to compare it with.

Anyone upgraded from Van Damme to Belden? Your comments would be appreciated.



I only know, that the impedance is important: 75Ohm

There must be proper shielding, double shielding
or else braided shield with a high coverage and low resistance.

A tip:

They also use Belden, thank you ;-)
Cheaper you can't, can't get, BELIEVE ME

Joe Fernand

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Not tried a head to head but for value for money you'll find the VanDamme cables hard to beat - its what a large proportion of Broadcast and Production studios around the UK are wired with.

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