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Being selective in shuttle mode


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Is there a way of excluding a genre from the shuffle mode on an iPod. Having random chapters of Harry Potter in the middle of the music is not adding much to my listening pleasure :(


yes, if you go into itunes and select 'create new playlist', you can select the types of music, genre etc that you want in your playlist, pick all those you want to here when you shuffle. then update your ipod and select the new playlist you have created, if you have checked the 'shuffle mode on the ipod it will shuffle within your new playlist.


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Alternatively if you don't want something included in shuffle in itunes right click on the harry potter file, hit info then options and tick the skip when shuffling box.

Oh and how many Harry Potter files have you got on your pod?. My younger bro just got them all copied and he's listening to the first book as just one .mp3 files which is working great.

I'm gonna have to get my own because his are read by Jim Dale instead of Stephen Fry.


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I have just downloaded the last book as an audiobook so I haven't heard it all the way through. Compared to my ripped stuff it sounds a bit more sibilant and noisy but still pretty clear.

The problem I found ripping the CD's, apart from their being so darn many, is they are split into teeny tiny tracks. I never quite finished doing Order of the Phoenix and it was already at a Gig and 684 files. Getting them sequenced was a real nightmare too as I didn't start the process in iTunes and the CD details were very inconsistent disk to disk. With so many files you can see why they pop up on shuffle so often. I have looked at setting that option you mentioned but it only appears on single file info :( Life is too short to set them individually. Maybe I'll eBay the CD's and download OotP too.


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I have loads of Stephen King books that are like 700 files each just a couple of minutes. You need to use a program like mp3merge (freeware), you drag all the hundred million files into it, click sort and hit merge. Then you are left with one file instead of hundreds to deal with. Then you can also set a bookmark in the file so it plays from where you left it.

You should also think about lowering the bit rate because the merged file will still be HUGE, old ipods work best with audiobooks files of around 300mb each though the nano handles larger files than that. I don't know how used to altering the bit rate you are but it's done in itunes, online audiobooks from audible are sold in four formats with the best quality being 32K, use higher than that the quality isn't sufficient.

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