Behringer DCX2496 anyone?

Discussion in 'Subwoofers' started by The-One, Jan 30, 2009.

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    I'm considering bass eq and external crossover for subwoofer + 2 active mains.

    Would the Behringer DCX2496 be better than a BFD DSP1124P + CX 2310 (crossover)? I think the former has crossover and parametric EQ in the same unit, while the latter combination would require BFD sending signal to CX2310 which then splits the freq.

    one other little thing, both combinations use analogue 1/4" unbalanced (in/out)right? this is because my sub & mains are both active powered and receives signal from a DAC, hence it'll be RCA cables all the way through. I'm guessing I'll need a 1/4" to RCA adaptor?

    Also I'm slightly concerned at units that has a DAC stage within. This is because I use PC as source and already have a USB DAC outputting analogue over RCA, so another layer of processing (anologue to digital then back again) would wreck what my DAC already does. Or does all bass management devices do this anyway? I guess I'm asking, is there an crossover/peq device that does not have ACD-DAC step within the unit? Also I'm likely to pass a full range signal through the unit, so any degradation in sound signal from my usb DAC caused by the EQ device would be more obvious than if it was restricted to merely the subwoofer.

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