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On buying Behind Enemy Lines on DVD (I like the film so shoot me :D ), especially for the aircraft / missiles chase scene I was very disapointed witht eh sound and image quality.

Looking at the picture I can see blocking / banding on both the grassy fields and in the sky, there just seems to be a lack of sharpness etc.

DD sound was so dissapointing for the missle chase scenes where I woul have expected the full surround set of effects to be used and some nice voulme. I have no DTS decoding equipment so cant comment on that soundtrack.

On putting in Black Hawk Down in the DVD player, the picture and sound were both superb. Is this known to be a badly encoded disk or could there be an issue with my hardware (which is now 2-3 years old). Anyone else noticed bad quality with this disc.



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what region of BEL are u talking about.
I ahve to admit that the UKR2 sound on the rocket chenge doesn`t use the surrounds enough. then again I might have badly setup my system?
Yet the running through mindfield is brilliant.


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the copy I have is Region 2 (bought from HMV). I only watched the missile chase scene as I though this would be great for a system demo but did not watch more.

I have a copy of the movie on my PC and the quality is much better than the dvd I recently bought which is why I am so shocked.

Don't get me wrong, I am no audiophile. I haven't seen a disc this bad since Crimson Tide with the black / grey banding around the sub on some outside shots, and BEL is a new film with a few years of dvd mastering under the producers belt unlike Crimson Tide when it first came out on dvd.

I'll have to flick to the minefild scene and see what that is like at some point.



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I've got the Region 1 version and the sound and picture are top notch - the sound especially on the missile chase sequence!!!

Could be poor encoding for region 2????


Just watched BEL on R1 today, really enjoyed the film. Sound in DTS is awesome, with bullets flying around all over the place. Thought the print was good as well, not the best but not as bad as the R2, as you guys are making out.

I generally tend to prefer the slighlty 'smoother' R1 picture, which to me looks more film like, compared to the more 'grainier' R2 prints. I have a 50" rear projection which magnifies everything!!!



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Just had my DVD7 delivered yesterday so played the film on it to see if it was the player causing the bad picture.

Nope, it isn't.

Some shots are wonderful;
Closeup of the pilots in the cockpit of their plane is wonderfully detailed.

Others are bad;
Planes first pass over the soldiers (looking up from the soldiers point of view) - the sky is just a mass of pixels, not a smooth fluid image that I would come to expect.

It just looks like a bad encoding to me. It is a real shame as I still love the film. Sound is better now with the dvd7 (over the Sony 715) but I cant wait till Saturday when I will be getting my AV8, 2 smart powers, a q-power and a psx-r (for the dvd7).

Bank manager is going to love me....


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