Beginners advice for 5.1 cabling/connections required

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I have a Panasonic scht855 arriving tomorrow & have a few 'beginners' questions queries regarding what i will need. The various bits'n'bobs that will be hooked up are:

Toshiba 32WL66
Xbox 360
NTL box

The Tosh has 2 HDMI sockets. Do i need a male/male or male/female connection? The 360 is currently connected via VGA but the two attached red/white phono wires are connected to the tvs audio socket. Should these connect to the 855 when it arrives? If so i'm going to have problems there as there is very little length to the wire & it can't be separated from the main VGA cabling. A component cable came with the pack though. And lastly (i think) I don't think there is any kind of Optical input on the NTL box, so will that just connect via Scart? To the tv still and/or the 855?

Thanks in advance.

nb: the above has also been posted in the panasonic scht855 thread. Mods, apologies if such duplicating posting is frowned upon. Please delete if so.


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You will need a HDMI lead to connect your SCHT855 to the Tosh TV

In addition to connecting your 360 to the TV via VGA, you should connect it to the SCHT855 to get Dolby Digital sound with something like this

I don't know anything about the NTL box but I would imagine the best way to connect it is via a decent quality SCART to the TV (usually AV1 (RGB)) and then use a couple of RCA interconnects to connect to the SCHT855 for 2 channel stereo/Dolby Prologic Surround Sound (useyour existing red/white cable). If there are no RCA connections on the NTL box, you could always connect some RCA leads from the TV (out) to the SCHT855 (in).


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