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Hi, I'm looking for some form of room filling music system, good for large rooms (not village hall large, large domestic use) which isn't too bulky but offers good sound quality, at least, as much as my budget can afford. I have a budget of about 500 quid, and any help in knowing what to look for would be greatly appreciated. Any recommendations also.:lease:


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What source are you planning on using? CD, Mp3 or vinyl?

The usual manufactures to look at are Marantz, Rotel, Nad and Cambridge Audio for electronics.

Speakers would include Q Acoustics, Wharfedale, Kef etc.

If you have a local branch of Richersounds then pop in and have a look or if you have an established hifi dealer in your area go and have a look.

Both Richersounds and Superfi do have some specials that can help in building a budget system.

For an all in one system look at the Denon M38, Nad and Cambridge systems.


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To fill a big space, this is best done with a lot of larger drivers. In short, multi-driver floorstanders.

Now, based on what you said, we assume you are talking about amp and speakers. Meaning you have a source of sound as suggested by Music4Ever. If this is not true, then give us a list of equipment you expect to buy from your budget.

You can do very well in a stereo with about £250 for an amp, and another £250 for speakers.

Next, are you looking for higher value, meaning more amp for your money while still maintaining reasonable quality. Or, are you looking for higher quality, which in turn means less amp for a given amount of money.

Given your budget, the only reasonable choice are common consumer brands like Cambridge, NAD, Marantz, Pioneer, Yamaha, and similar.

Off the top of my head, I would suggest this -

Yamaha AS300, 60w/ch, £206
YAMAHA AS300 AMPLIFIER - available from Superfi UK

Wharfedale Diamond 10.2, 6.5"/165mm woofer, 40hz, £249/pr
WHARFEDALE DIAMOND 10.2 SPEAKERS (PAIR) - available from Superfi UK

These are both very common products and are available from many sources.

That put you under £500, and leave some cash for accessories like wire and cable. The speakers are large bookshelf with deep bass.

In floorstanding speaker, consider -

Acoustic Energy Neo 3 V1 ~£250/pr

Monitor Audio BR5 ~ £250/pr

If your budget includes a CD player, or some other source, then things get more difficult, but not impossible.

What I have listed here, is only the smallest cross section of possibilities. Until it becomes clear exactly what you are looking for, I can't say more though.

Also, how big is the room (L x W x H)?

How will the equipment be use? Pure music, or is TV involved? TV comes with its own set of considerations.

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Purely music, usually from ipod or computer tho CD is nice. Size of room, ermmmmm let's say 2.3m height, 4m across, 10m long. More quality is preferred, though I still want reasonable amp. Good bass is a massive plus. What I'm looking for is what you'd want at a house party, basically. Large room, wanting to fill the space with relatively good quality sound. Primarily used for heavy metal and electro music.


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Sounds like you should be looking for some second-hand Cerwin Vega or JBL speakers on eBay.

High efficiency, so they go loud with not too much amp power. Pick the right ones and they should have prodigous bass.....

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