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Hi all,

Have been thinking about taking up golf lately & it seems like a minefield for sets for beginners & I'm just after some advice

Now I've never swung a club properly (had a go with friends in my teens but nothing since) & I'm planning a block of 6 lessons before I even get too far & realise it's not for me but in the meantime I was just wondering if anyone has any advice on starter sets?

I would be expecting to pay a few hundred £ for a reasonable starts definitely not the Sports Direct one's ;)

I looked at a few guides online but couldn't really find a good article that gave me enough options
I'm heading into town on Saturday & I'll grab a couple of magazines as well for a read but just hoping that some of the avid golfers on here might be able to point me in the right direction of a couple of options

Thank you



If your having lessons - Speak to your local pro who is giving the lessons.

They will probably have a few half sets/older irons knocking around to help you/start off with.

Whilst I'm not advocating a proper fitting or anything for just starting out - you need to remember that a "standard" set of irons can range from fitting someone at 5ft6 through to 6ft6 etc - There are loads of variables to consider.

Starting out - 3wood, 5/7/9 iron Pw and putter is more than enough to get you going. Local pro, local facebook, gumtree etc.


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rather than getting a brand new all in one starter set, i would recommend looking at getting some second hand clubs. new models come out every year so you can pick up newish decent clubs that have taken the hit on new prices. have a look on gumtree, facebook to see locally what's available. i can also recommend

they have a decent selection of used clubs for reasonable money. they are also on ebay and sometimes part of ebays regular coupon/discount offers.


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Wilson do some fairly decent value box sets if you want to go down that route.

However, it might be worth buying a used set locally or via eBay. You might well get some decent clubs for not a lot of money that should see someone through the teething period. From there, you can explore changing individual clubs as and when needed.

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