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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by linus7, Jul 29, 2004.

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    I´ve just started my journey into home cinema system buying and as I usually do I try and find out a few details about it before I do something disasterous...
    (I have a 35m2 room)

    So here are a couple of real beginer´s questions some of you might help me on:

    1. Besides the possibility of having many other devices conected to the amp what are the advantages of having it in a separate unit from the DVD ?

    2. I´ve noticed some power diferences which I do not fully understand.
    For instance , why is a 5x35 wats + 100 so often more expensive then a 5x80wats +160 ? I mean what do you gain or loose when you have only 5x35? What is the real diference in terms of what you actually hear in both situations? I Know the quality of a system is not measured in wats , but ...
    Could someone elaborate on this, please ?

    3. Is the size of the speakers no question? I mean the size of the JVC th a 75 r (small,30w) should not be a reason to make me wonder about how they sound? Why should I go for one or the other ?

    4. Should I forget JVC th a 75 r (discontinued) or JVC th v 70 r and definitely go for something more recent or not at all?

    5. Is there something I should know about name brands like JVC or Sony or Panasonic or Pioneer , etc. - like usual qualities/faults - or is it all much the same?

    6. Which systems around £500 to£700?

    Many thanks in advance!

  2. davet010


    Jul 23, 2004
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    I'll try my best..

    1. Having a separate amp has a number of advantages, mainly around upgrading (you can upgrade the amp without changing the DVD as well), and also it allows you to choose an amp that you feel is best suited to your room. So choice and upgrade, basically.

    2. Dunno the answer to this, but don't get hooked on the mathematics. If it sounds right, it probably is right.

    3. Size of the speakers isn't an issue..have a look at Bose speakers, they are small cubes but make a plenty big noise with the appropriate amplification.

    4. Not got either.

    5. None particularly - not every model produced by any manufacturer is good or bad. Check the reviews in the usual mags, or search for particular models on here.

    6. Depends what you want - Denon 500 and 770 been well reviewed, Pioneer have some nice new models. but there are plenty of others about.

    hope this helps ! :laugh:

  3. steve321


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    1. same as ^

    2. was one measured in "max watts" and one in "rms watts"? the quality of the sound does relate to the power handling of the speakers and the amp - that is if you are going to crank it up for the action scenes etc as the speakers dont have to drive as hard resulting in distortion

    3. same as ^ although bigger speakers in bigger boxes can sometimes be used without a subwoofer

    4. the JVC th a 75 r (discontinued) was a nice kit but usually priced over the £700 mark. try to get the most up to date possible as it will have the lastest connections

    5. some models from the manufactuers may have more connections on giving you greater flexibility if you ever need to add to the system at a later date.

    6. some of the sony, yamaha etc systems in the price range sound nice. best to shop around and have a listen for yourself

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