Before Posting Here Read This: Spoilers (and how to add them) And Good Etiquette

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What is a Spoiler? A spoiler is something that gives a major plot line away such as a major character being killed, or regular character who been a friend or working for the good guys tuening out to be working for the other side or vice versa, past characters coming back, aliens turning up, or that the butler did it (no matter how old the program or film). Knowing such crucial plot details in advance can often ruin the enjoyment of the program or film, especially when twists are integral to visual experience.

With regards to TV that has been aired some people may have recorded a program or entire series due to time commitments to watch at a further date or even missed some of the episode but intend in the future if the programs repeated, but they may wish to discuss some of the episode they have seen, without the other unseen ones being spoilt for them.

Linking trailers and videos if you want to link one make sure you watch it and if there is a spoiler in it give fair warning, if not this will be classed as you written a spoiler and in SPOILER tagged it.

So how do we discus something that comes in that category: As a courtesy to other readers of the select 'post reply'
See the picture below click on the 3 in line dots then the eye icon SPOILER in the drop down, this will ask you a title for the spoiler if you want to title it. If not just continue and post the spoiler between them ( if you don't have an app that does not have this facility type it in).[SPPOILER] <and here> [/SPPOILER] but only using one P in each.

The posted text within the inline spoiler, will now become invisible and all you need to do is highlight the area and the hidden text will be revealed.

Lastly if you see a spoiler please do not quote it all it does is compound it. If you see one and need to comment on it and say the persons What you have posted is a SPOILER. This gives the person a chance to edit it and correct their mistake, but your quote will still be there for others to read. Also What you have posted is a SPOILER. will alert me to edit the Spoilers post if they have not done so themselves in the meantime.

Note on swearing. There are certain words that are not allowed to be used on the forum, these words have been added to a filter so they cannot be used. If they are they will be stared out e.g. if I tried to post a four letter swear word I would get **** posted. If you use alternate characters, spell it an other way or even use *s in the word, even using *s all but one of the letters it will be classed as you are trying to circumvent the filter. This is not allowed.
If you wish to indicate a swear word it is best to use the icon :censored: found in the [More] section of the smileys.
Also please don't link video clips that have swearing or stuff classed for adults only in them without a warning, we don't allow it in print on site.

Thank you for your time reading these notes, and please abide by them.:smashin:

Added for those who need a picture click where it says spoiler.

For in line spoilers click the 3 dots inline and then the mask.
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